part of me

i am never sure when to share things. if i should say them or not. like what i should write in this blog or not what and why would someone care about what a 16 year old girl has to say or her opinion on anything at all.  i guess my life is like a puzzle i never no what peace will fit.

so for now what i think i can share with anyone who will listen to me.

i have not blog in like for ever. this is b/c tumblr sometimes freezes my computer so i like never go on anymore…. :(


why do teen get pregnancy? it could be for 100’s of diifferent reasons. but i guess you are not thinking of the long term effect of getting pregnant. what could will and might happen to you and your baby. i was just watching the pregnancy pact on lifetime. so i thought i blog about what i thought about it i would wait untill you have the right protection. 



> LoVe YoU !!

(Source: gnarlyy, via faggotopia)

(Source: gnarlyy, via faggotopia)